ng ceremo▓ny.More than 300 mi

xpected to particip▓ate in about 20,000 open days, exhibitions and other science-related events across China this week. The purpose of these events is to educa

te the public about recent Chinese scientific achievements and how they improved the national technological prowess and the lives of everyday people, Wang said.Bai Chunli, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said this year's scien

ce week features much new scientific hardware that is unfamiliar to ▓the public yet crucial for groundbreaking scientific re▓search."Letting the pub

llion people are e

  • lic see it firsthand will foster greater understand and appreciation for this cutting-edge hardware and China's overall scientific developm▓ent in recent years," he said.Lingyun 1, a hype

  • rsonic aircraft that can travel at more than five times the spe▓ed of sound, or 6,100 kilometer per hour, made its public debut at the museum on Saturday. It was develop▓ed by the College of Aerospace S

  • cience and Technology at t▓he National University of Defense Technology.The craft has a Chinese-designed supersonic combustion ramjet engine, also known as scramjet, the exhibition

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